We build dream on wheels


We will venture to say that we can build EVERYTHING on wheels. From green house and gaz station to mobile concert hall. The concept of Tiny Office is state of the art communication giving positive response to our customers.

The investment rolls on and on because we build the soul of your enterprise. An introduction to your services and values expressed in a way that praise individual solutions, sustainability and excellent craftsmanship.

We work hard and with talented designers, architects, carpenters, blacksmiths, inventors and porcelain painters.


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A sustainable sales trailer meets cooperatives and customers throughout the country.


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Thise (17) Thise (17)



A rustic looking Tiny office providing art and inspiration to school yards and attractions.


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Kundsten Baggrund Min Kundsten Baggrund Min



A mobile stage with an inflatable concert hall that brings classical music to preschoolers.


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Genklange (12) Genklange (12)

Cargo Bikes


Eye-catching 3-wheeled Tiny offices that bring information around the city.


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Bauhause Budcykel (4) Bauhause Budcykel (4)

Danish Crown


A sales trailer visiting open farm events, animal shows and school events.


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Danish Crown (13) Danish Crown (13)

Tiny Studio


The dream of a mobile sound studio in a unique style that gives freedom.


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Tiny Studio (7) Tiny Studio (7)

Visit Aarhus


A tourist office that represents Aarhus and is present where and when information is needed.


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Visit Aarhus (1) Visit Aarhus (1)

Silvan Sales Trailer


Silvan builders merchant on a trailer offering customers tips and ideas for DIY projects


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Silvan Salgsvogn (5) Silvan Salgsvogn (5)

Aarhus University


The mobile AUtoCampus of Aarhus University
providing information to the people


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Århus Uni Studie Vogn, indvilgelse Århus Uni Studie Vogn, indvilgelse

OK Club House


A multifunctional club house on wheels – the mobile meeting place or campaign office.


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Ok Klubvogn (24) Ok Klubvogn (24)

Coffee Shop


A retro coffee shop on wheels for The Old Town Museum in Aarhus


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Kaffebar (1) Kaffebar (1)

Tiny Candy Floss


A lovable candy floss push cart for the beautiful Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen


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Candyfloss (5) Candyfloss (5)



A small push cart creates dialogue at street level. Anna are you okay? Quick, she needs CPR!


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Hjerteforening (3) Hjerteforening (3)