A cordial initiative that startes conversations about saving lives

In collaboration with the Danish Heart Foundation, we came up with a new way of sharing knowledge about and instruct in the use of a defilibrator. A small push cart that can pop up anywhere!

The logo of the Danish Heart Foundation has been transformed into a Red LED sign blinking at heart rate. A custom made adjustable harness system, makes it possible to carry the sign on your back as you travel with the push cart. Hidden in the push cart you will find Anna. She has no arms or legs, but she needs CPR. When you meet the Danish Heart Foundation team on the streets, you can practice CPR on Anna and you will be instructed in how to use a defibrillator.

For the Danish Heart Foundation, this means that they can meet people at eye level and create dialogue in a sensational and educational way. You will be enlightened and get the opportunity to become a “Hjerteløber” or to gather 5 colleagues/friends for a free CPR course – a new communication strategy at street level.

Hjerteforening (5) Hjerteforening (5)

Pictures of Hjerteforening: