Rent a unique mobile office for your next event


Are you selling tickets, drinks or running a political campaign, a Tiny Office could work well for your business!

At Tiny Office, we have a unique selection of rentals, whether you need a sales trailer to market your brand or a mobile office to meet customers wherever they are.

All rentals are custom built and will certainly attract attention and make people smile. They are suitable as meeting rooms, ticket offices or mobile information stands for sporting events, festivals and other types of events.

Each Tiny Office can be branded and they are fully furnished with everything from a fridge and coffee maker to wi-fi and radiator. We can deliver and pick up on location if required.



A meeting room, a assembly house or what ever you like it to. A work of art on wheels


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Givisme Vogn Background Billed Givisme Vogn Background Billed



A untraditional office - perfect for a construction site or if you want a different point of view for your work day 


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Playmobil (8) Playmobil (8)

Prime Minister


Office, meetroom, information or productionswagon. Prime Minister has room for 3 - 4 people and comes with built-in refrigerator. As well as  tables and benches out front


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Prime Minister (1) (1) Prime Minister (1) (1)

Tiny Office 1


Tiny Office 1 makes it easy to go to work, wherever you desire. You can go near the water or out in the woods - only your imagination sets the limits. 


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Office 1 (7) Office 1 (7)

Tiny Surf


Tiny Office Surf is both cool and unique. With the aluminium design withstands the wagon both water, rain og sun. Who wouldn't like to spend a night here after a ride on the waves.  


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Office Surf (5) Office Surf (5)

Tiny Office 11


Tiny Office 11 is our biggest renting wagon with seats for up to 7 people around the table. A person could easily sleep in this wagon. 


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Office 11 (6) Office 11 (6)



Formwork is approved for selling food. There are two serving hatches and a sink with hot water. Formwork kan easily be decorated in your company style. 


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Formwork (7) Formwork (7)



With this little wagon give you a lot of opportunities. It is a concept with everything taken care of - including the staff. It is built for people with dwarfism, who are ready to serv cold drinks for you and your party. 


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Minibar (9) Minibar (9)

Tiny Tiny


Tiny Tiny is a mobile bar. You can use it for serving beer, a information place or just as a get together meeting point. Tiny Tiny can be roll in everywhere you want - so do not judge it on its size.


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Tiny Tiny Bar (5) Tiny Tiny Bar (5)



A rebuilt horsetrailer that now is a magical bar. It can be used at parties, festivals or where your party is. The bar is built so staff and costumers can be shelted from rain or sun. 


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Hestetrailer (4) Hestetrailer (4)



The platform car drives on electricity. It can be used as a mobile foodtruck or bar. It comes with an invisible  parasol that makes sure every day has good weather.


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Perronvogn (1) Perronvogn (1)

Tiny Info


Tiny Info is like Tiny Tiny - a small wagon that can be used for several purposes. So if you are in need of a small information stand, then this is for you 


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Tiny Info (7) Tiny Info (7)