Danish Crown

A mobile exhibition stand to visit open farm events, animal shows or school events

For Europe’s largest producer of pork, the assignment was: “To create the narrative of food, including all parts of the value chain, and the consumers focus areas on animal transport”. We interpreted a modern pig transport truck and made it “transparent”.

A light steel skeleton forms the frame for a curved roof polished in polycarbonate with LED lighting, and messages written on the windows. The doors on both sides can be opened and frames make access easy and authentic.

The floor appears like a floor in a pig barn with concrete and ventilation grills. The table tells the whole story from production to serving and it is illuminated by heat lamps from the barn. The stool covers are made of leather skins from pigs and cows.

In Danish Crown’s mobile exhibition stand, posters hang along the walls with messages on both sides. In addition, the feed dispenser and the medicine cabinet are mounted at eye level; ready to convey facts from the production.

The Tiny Office has been named Krone1 (Crown1) and it has been designed and developed in collaboration with the co-operatives at Open Farm events and it solves a large communicative task in an easy way.

“The Tiny Office has built our story in mini format – and on wheels – now we can travel around the country and talk to people about who we are and what Danish Crown is working on.”

Astrid Gade Nielsen, Danish Crown


Tiny Office Danish Crown has been built in 12 weeks on a trailer that measures: H: 3,15 m x W: 1,85 m x L: 2,65 m (including drawbar 4,15 m)

A mobile exhibition stand to visit open farm events, animal shows or school events

Pictures of Danish Crown