Combines the meeting room and assembly house on a trailer

Based on the experience of building the assembly house “Verner Bryder”, which can be used completely free of charge for cultural events, the idea of ​​sharing experiences and the concept of givism to other communities in Aarhus came about by making the assembly house mobile.

In partnership with Realdania’s campaign “Wonders” and Aarhus Municipality’s Citizenship Committee, the experiences were translated into “Givism and Citizenship on Wheels” – or the “Givism-wagon”. The industrial-looking facade, the mobile crane and the quirky details created by local artists reminiscent of the industrial revolution.

Daylight is admitted through a long skylight window and the walls are characterized by a custom made circuit board design. The custom-built computer-chip high table is a reminder of today’s computer-controlled everyday life.

A sliding door gives access to the entire one side of the wagon, which makes it possible to use the wagon as a stage. A built-in screen on the facade can be used to inform about past, current and upcoming events.

Built in 10 weeks in partnership with Aarhus Tech and various artists, as well as volunteers from the Givism team. Aarhus Municipality and Realdania have supported the development of the GIVISM-wagon.



 H: 3.25 m x W: 2.20 m x L: 4.0 m (including drawbar 5.50 m)



5.000 kr. / 15.000 kr. ex. VAT.


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Givisme Vogn (4) Givisme Vogn (4)

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