Visit Aarhus Tourist Information

A tourist information that is present where and when it is needed

From a permanent address and a monthly rent, VisitAarhus changed their strategy – closed their office and invested in customized bicycles and a Tiny Office. The assignment was to be present when the tourists needed information, in a sensational and welcoming setup. In collaboration with the employees of VisitAarhus, common expressions and practical needs were coordinated.

The Tiny Office is built of aluminum to reduce weight. It is kept in black, inspired by H.C. Andersen’s multi-layered paperclip expression that characterizes the exterior of the mobile tourist office. This section is specially carved, LED illuminated and frames the hallmarks of Aarhus. The entire front of the tourist information can be opened and two stairs give access to a room built in light pine. Interior materials are kept in light pine with hidden storage for extra material and staff belongings. At the front an awning can be pulled out to allow more space for visitors outside. Tiny Office “VisitAarhus” can be set up in 15 minutes by one person.

“Our Tiny Office meets a wide range of criteria, including a design with a clear Aarhus DNA, but just as important, great functionality and mobility that we can use exactly where and when we need it. Original and a good business for us.”

Peer Kristensen, CEO – VisitAarhus

Tiny Office VisitAarhus is built in 10 weeks on a trailer measuring: H: 3.9 m x W: 2.0 m x L: 3.0 m (including drawbar 4.5 m)

A tourist information that is present where and when it is needed

Pictures of Visit Aarhus Tourist Information