Tiny Studio

The dream of a mobile sound studio with cool installations

For radio host Anders Bøtter, the idea of ​​a mobile sound studio was born. Independence and a desire for freedom triggered the idea.

In close collaboration, we developed a Tiny Studio based on Anders’ needs, which meets the technical requirements for making professional recordings of popular music artists. At the same time, the mobile studio has its own expression according to the customer’s desire and style.

The mobile studio is built in authentic, used and burnt materials. Furnished with a folding door, fold-out bed, draft beer tap, fridge, radiator and a skylight window.

“When Anders Bøtter moved in with his private details, it became a real man cave”, a rock artist from the USA exclaimed, when he visited Tiny studio for the first time. The mobile studio called “Tiny Studio” has visited festivals and various venues for musical immersion where it makes the most sense.

“The best thing about working with Jonas Hallberg is that you have a clear sense that every Tiny Office means something special to him and his people. Here is no assembly line logic; but rather unique, creative and quirky solutions that are created in close collaboration with each customer and their needs and desires.” – Anders Bøtter.

Anders Bøtter, AmpMedia


Tiny Studio is built in 8 weeks on a trailer measuring: H: 3.30 m x W: 2.10 m x L: 3.15 m

The dream of a mobile sound studio with cool installations

Pictures of Tiny Studio