Thise - A sustainable alternative

Thise Mejeri in North Jutland came with the desire for a Tiny Office, that would make it possible to visit co-owners and customers in a different setup at trade shows and other events.

Thise required recycled materials – nature’s own construction materials, free of pesticides and other harmfull chemicals. We have solved the task by using Burnt Wood – a sustainable alternative to pressure-impregnated wood, where the life of the wood is extended with a special burning technique.

Two sides of the Thise Tiny Office can be opened, making it easy to serve customers and showcase the dairy products. The decor includes a fridge, a small oven and shelves for display and storage. The wagon has been decorated with wooden cows as well as the Thise logo, so it is easy to recognize when driving across the country.

Measurements:: H: 3.00 m x W: 2.30 m x L: 3.00 m (including drawbar 4.50 m)

Thise - A sustainable alternative

Pictures of Thise: