Silvan Sales Trailer

The builders merchant on wheels - popping up here, there and everywhere


Silvan has ordered a sales trailer that bring the builders merchant close to the customers – whether they need a screw, a saw or just a great piece of advice.

Tiny Office Silvan is an architect-designed sales trailer, built of materials from Silvan´s assortment and furnished with shelves and sales counter. The sales trailer has been used in various campaigns – in stores, at festivals and other events.

Tiny Office Silvan is built in 7 weeks on a trailer measuring: H: 2.75 m x W: 2.30 m x 3.0 m (including drawbar 4.5 m)

Silvan Salgsvogn (4) Silvan Salgsvogn (4)

Pictures of Silvan Sales Trailer