OK Club House

A sporting meeting point travaling across the country

Tiny Office OK was developed for OK Benzin with an expression that emphasizes that the corporation supports the sport.

Using the traditional clubhouse as an icon became an obvious choice – a central meeting place for sports activities. A Danish clubhouse is not flashy and is typically built by volunteers. Tiny Office OK became a mobile office and meeting room in the classic clubhouse style that you will see around the country. The Tiny Office is made of super wood, and recycled floorboards from Bellevue Hall in Risskov. Trophies adorn the window, of course with room for more. The exterior is decorated with sports equipment and an oval window can be opened for creative photo opportunities. The interior counts a bench, a table, refrigerator and a coffee maker. The entire wagon is insulated and a small radiator can keep the clubhouse warm in the winter.

OK Benzin uses their Tiny Office as a mobile campaign office and sales office as well as a meeting room, at gas stations and sporting events across the country.

Tiny Office OK is built on a trailer measuring: H: 2.75 m x W: 1.65 m x L: 2.65 m (including drawbar 4,10 m)

A sporting meeting point travaling across the country

Pictures of OK Club House