A mobile concert hall with classical music for preschoolers

Genklange came with a desire to reach as many parents of preschoolers as possible with their classical music concerts. A mobile stage that can travel across the country as well as a concert hall that provides shelter for children in any kind of weather. In close collaboration with Gabriella from Genklange, the idea for an eye-catching stage wagon and an inflatable tent was developed – a playful and spectacular universe that appeal to both children and adults.

The wagon is designed as a large instrument and decorated with illustrations by the Danish children’s book author Jan Mogensen. The interior design consist of wooden panelling with hidden storage space and spotlights above the stage. A beautiful copper roof adds a unique finish to the mobile stage and a custom designed sail connects the wagon and the tent. A generator provides power regardless of location – and it is our very first Tiny Office with built-in toilet.

Built on a trailer measuring: H: 2,95 m x W: 1,85 m x L: 2,65 m (including drawbar 4,15 m)

A mobile concert hall with classical music for preschoolers

Pictures of Genklange